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transmitters made be boeing 787. burned while it was parked at london's heath row airport. >>> defense attorneys may be asking for a new trial in the case of the murdered washington intern chandra. the 24-year-old disappeared back in 2001. >>> your time is 6:55. pope francis reaching out to gay breess. today he said he would not judge them because of their sexual orientation. it's their first foreign trip of the pope. yo recall back in 2005 pope benedict signed a document that said gay men should not be priests. >>> crops grown by at risk group in the bay area may be served to jail inmates at the san francisco county jail. the san francisco examiner reports officials are working to serve healthier meals to deal with rising obesity problems. it's a vocational program for at risk youth. >>> movie star tom cruise and his son they were in the bay area yesterday. the two took a ride on team new zealand's yacht. they are part of the measuring's cup. they let tom cruise take control of the boat and sale under the bay bridge. cruise and his son were guests of team knew zealand sponsor. earlier
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1